[MUST READ] Terms & Conditions

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[MUST READ] Terms & Conditions

Post  jeniisoocuute on Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:30 am

PH.Asia E-sports is a channel dedicated for pro-gamers ... Thus, these rules must be observed inside the channel to keep the players as well as the channel in its optimum level of performance ...

1. We will not tolerate low-skilled players, leavers , spoilers and hardcore flamers.

2. We do not tolerate Vouch collecters.

3. Be well mannered at all times.

4. Members will be monitered and inactive players will be unvouched.

5. If you have queries, consult any online staffs for help.

6. Vouch requests are carefully reviewed and considered. Avoid excessive HL and PM spams to staffs requesting for vouches in the channel.


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