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Vouch Request

Post  vision.jho on Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:05 am

1. Real Name : Jojo Punzalan
2. RGC IGN : √íSíØn.jHo
3. Age : 21
4. Past Experiences In DotA : Started playing dota some years ago in Garena. Now I'm playing on RGC,
5. In Game Roles : Carry/Semicarry, but I must good playing supporter too.
6. Replays :
http://www.wc3parser.com/view_replay...1343866895.w3g = Tiny
http://www.wc3parser.com/view_replay...1343171256.w3g = pugna
http://www.wc3parser.com/view_replay...1343172802.w3g = apparition
http://www.wc3parser.com/view_replay...1343118177.w3g = naga
http://www.wc3parser.com/view_replay...1343118198.w3g - wisp
7. Achievements : Trying to achieve yet .. still joing events,tourney,competition..
8. Do you know the Terms And Condition Required to join this league [Y/N] : Yes
9. Why do you want to join this league : Because I want to play dota on a league where skill is required,to improve my skills and to compete against pro players for better gaming and experience..


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